Yoko v0.2

The thoughtful little chatbot

Mini universe

Ok, we need a 'mini universe' with all the previous concepts can be explored, like SHRDLU's block world, because if not it will be too overwhelming. So far I've been reasoning about Yoko and cats, so let's stick with that.


The fundamental thing is that we cannot have too many people involved. So let's stick to:

  • Yoko, a school girl that lives somewhere in the UK.
  • Yoko lives with her brother and parents
  • Yoko's cat Snuggles
  • Food for the cat
  • Food and drinks for Yoko


And that should be about it. Yoko can be hungry, play with her cat which turns her from sad or bored into happy... has a brother, be happy or not, like music, etc...

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