Yoko v0.2

The thoughtful little chatbot

About me


My name is Wouter, I am from Ghent, Belgium and am 38 years old. I have a background in physics and mathematics but pretty much since graduating I've been active in software development, mainly for the web.

I really love building web applications, both professionally and for my own entertainment. Besides Yoko, some other currently online projects of me are:

  • Barlisto - a free online tool for creating and sharing to-do lists.
  • MyShoppingTab - platform to easily create an e-commerce shop within a Facebook page.

You can follow me online on Twitter and Google+, though to be fair I am not that active on either. To get in touch you can always e-mail me at wouter@yokobot.com!

Thanks for your interest in Yoko!

Written by Wouter - copyright 2013. Questions and remarks welcome at wouter@yokobot.com!
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