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Non-understood phrases

Last 100 non-understood phrases, by conversation.

Conversation #5480 with Huyenanh (transcript)
Conversation #5479 with John (transcript)
Conversation #5476 with Huyenanh (transcript)
  • "mèn" that is vietnamese say
  • "mèn" say
  • ok mèn say
  • mold say
  • yoko,yoko,yoko,yoko say
  • me say
  • ok you lost me say
  • ok,for example I am nine years old and you are four years old say
  • yoko say
  • ok where are you from say
  • ok you lost me say
  • ok you lost me say
  • hihi say
Conversation #5474 with Doru (transcript)
Conversation #5473 with Huyenanh (transcript)
Conversation #5472 with Hui (transcript)
  • How are u say
Conversation #5471 with Tarik (transcript)
  • hug say
  • where you live say
  • where are from say
Conversation #5470 with 001100 (transcript)
Conversation #5469 with Hi (transcript)
Conversation #5467 with Huyenanh (transcript)
  • on say
  • mold say
  • And you say
  • Iam nine years old say
  • oh my got say
  • hihi say
  • ok ,Iam from Lang Son ,Viet Nam say
  • Yoko say
  • ok you lost me say
Conversation #5466 with Boom (transcript)
  • Okay enough messing around say
  • lmao what a meme say
  • whats your kik bby say
  • lmao say
  • hoe are you say
  • whatever how wre you say
  • mental age of 5 say
Conversation #5465 with John Doe (transcript)
  • what a terrible chatbot say
  • seriously say
  • ur terrible say
  • you dont know how to spell now say
Conversation #5464 with Pierre (transcript)
Conversation #5463 with Rai (transcript)
Conversation #5462 with Hello mr sir (transcript)
  • have many people tried to have sex with you say
  • are you five years old say
  • this page says you are about 5 years old in your mind say
Conversation #5461 with DarkStar87 (transcript)
Conversation #5460 with Hương (transcript)
  • I hate you say
  • what is your name say
  • what do you do say
  • heyy say
Conversation #5458 with What is buddha? (transcript)
  • what is wrong with the world say
  • what is wring with the world say
Conversation #5457 with Huyenanh (transcript)
Conversation #5456 with Hara (transcript)
  • yoko say
  • what you can tell me say
Conversation #5454 with Hailey (transcript)
  • you don't answer my questions say
  • Yoko say
  • Yoko say
Conversation #5453 with Hailey (transcript)
  • I am going to reset the conversation if possible say
  • when was the last time Wouter worked on you say
  • Yoko, are you ok say
  • You didn't say anything say
  • Why did your name go lowercase say
  • When was the last time Wouter worked on you say
Conversation #5450 with Houston (transcript)
Conversation #5449 with Nigger (transcript)
  • what are you say
  • coz you don't feel emotions say
  • I'm sad say
  • here's a map say
  • zeofizjfpzoifj say
  • plz say
  • motherfucker say
  • exit say
  • :o say
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